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Building Partnerships

We build long-term partnerships with each and every Trust we work with and build all our software in collaboration to ensure our solutions meet your needs and you get the most out of them. Data flows in motion with patients - using the solution and the data is proven to improve patient flow. Don't just take our word for it, listen to those, like you, from the hospitals we work with.

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A solution designed by people like you, for people like you.

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Your Journey With Us



Every hospital is different - try first with an evaluation, visit partner sites, building a business case - we can help with that!

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Dedicated Six Sigma Qualified Project Manager, comprehensive 56 point Implementation Plan bespoke to your hospital and regular stakeholder meetings ensure a smooth roll out.

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We care about your success! Benefit from regular health checks and reviews to optimise your system. Plus, enjoy a dedicated Customer Success Manager for a true partnership experience.

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Did you know...

Customers give our Support Team a perfect score of

100 out of 100
 *June 2023 stats



Tailored training for your hospital. Comprehensive in-person training, equips your staff with skills to optimise our solutions. Providing ongoing weekly academy tutorials and virtual classrooms for continuous learning.



Future-proofing your solutions to always be relevant with regular software updates. Our roadmap includes new suggestions and features by you the experts in healthcare.

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Need assistance or advice?

Our friendly UK-based support team is here to help. Enjoy full ticketing and tracking for a seamless experience.

Your New Favourite Colleagues

Anne Stevenson

Business Development Manager

Matthew Johnston

Research & Development Manager

Mark Edwards

Business Development Manager

Mark Smith

Senior Business Development Manager

Matthew Wright


Richard Iveson

Head of Business Development

...and that's not all. There's a full team of people behind the scenes, ready to help and support your journey.

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The Global View way is to build long-term working partnerships with experts – the people who use the tools, who do the jobs, who deliver the service.
That’s you and your team.

We're not just changemakers in Healthcare software, we also have expertise in L.M.R. (Land Mobile Radio) and Luxury Marine.

Visit the Global View site if you wish to know more about us,
our history and what we do.

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