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Improving efficiency.
Improving patient outcomes.

Building software for you, to improve patient outcomes.

Building long-term partnerships and working with you to ensure our solutions meet your needs.

One partnership at a time…

Working in resource-pressured NHS healthcare environments, barely managing with systems adapted to perform tasks they were never designed for, doesn't do justice to the job you do or the outcomes you deliver as professionals.


GV Healthcare builds innovation partnerships to improve the essential but often unrecognised service areas that drive the NHS machine, including portering services, facilities management, and healthcare cleanliness.


We’re looking to build something better, together, that’s fit for purpose, now and well into the future. It takes curiosity, will and collaboration.


That’s how great partnerships work; your reality, our expertise.


Our Solutions

Bold integrity. Inquisitive intelligence. Powerful partnerships.


Bespoke tools, developed in partnership with the people who need them, for those who will use them. GV Healthcare designs and builds adaptable and future-proofed systems for use in NHS healthcare environments that meet your requirements in the simplest, most easy-to-use format imaginable.​

MyPorter Screen Task Management.png



MyPorter, a bespoke software solution to support and enhance NHS portering services, patient experience and outcomes.



MyCleaning, nothing gets missed with this easy-to-use and efficient reactive cleaning task management tool.

MyCleaning Screen Task Management.png
MyAudit phone task management.png



MyAudit, an intelligent and simple to use audit-management tool that satisfies the rigorous compliance requirements of National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021.

Hear what our clients say

"We needed something we could rely on, and MyPorter has given us exactly that. Porters, radiographers and nurses have all said the system is easy to use, and we’ve had no failed jobs since it was introduced. It’s also made a massive difference to patient flow and the overall patient experience"


"It helps to improve the service we deliver to our patients by ensuring they arrive to and from their appointments safely and in good time. Our team have full visibility of all portering activity across our hospital sites including within the Emergency Dept, enabling our service to plan, respond and coordinate resources more effectively"


"MyPorter gives me great visibility on portering in the hospital, meaning I can make sure we are delivering an efficient service both to clinical teams and to patients. The system is so easy to use, and our portering service is so much smoother now. The support from Global View throughout the process has been fantastic"


Our partnerships


We may be the technology experts, but no one knows your sector, your organisation and, most importantly, your staff and end-users as you do. That's why we collaborate to build partnerships that work for everyone, including direct involvement with numerous NHS Trusts.


We’d love to include you!

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