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Solutions in auditing.
Improving cleanliness standards.

Creating solutions, to improve visibility and transparency.

Working with you on long-term projects to certify our software does what your require of it.

MyAudit, an intelligent and simple to use audit-management tool that satisfies the rigorous compliance requirements of National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021.


A future-proofed, innovative and flexible digital system that demonstrates how the required safe hygiene standards are being met.


Key Features

  • Fully automated and adaptive audit schedule to meet six frequency levels

  • Digital audit data collection tool that’s simple to understand and use

  • Rectification alerts generated and automatically flagged for follow-up

  • Full accountability and trackable sign-off

  • Automatically populates detailed reports – including new star-ratings

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A partnership approach...

“We were delighted to be asked to get involved in helping Global View create an auditing tool to meet the new National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021, allowing not just our Trust to benefit, but many other NHS healthcare organisations across the country too.

MyAudit intends to offer our Trust a future-proof, innovative and flexible digital system, demonstrating safe standards and high levels of cleanliness are being met.

The MyAudit tool will provide and emphasise assurance, compliance, traceability and trend analysis supporting the Facilities team to encourage and develop continuous improvement within our service”.

- Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

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