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Solutions in auditing.
Improving cleanliness standards.


A future-proofed, innovative and flexible digital system that demonstrates how the required safe hygiene standards are being met.


Key Features

  • Fully automated and adaptive audit schedule to meet six frequency levels

  • Digital audit data collection tool that’s simple to understand and use

  • Rectification alerts generated and automatically flagged for follow-up

  • Full accountability and trackable sign-off

  • Automatically populates detailed reports – including new star-ratings

Domestic Supervisor

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Deputy Head of Facilities

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We developed MyAudit with the input from people like you, like those who will be using the software, to ensure it does everything you need of it. From the functionality to the reports and everything in between, MyAudit was created with you in mind.

We've built long-term partnerships with a vast number of Trusts across the nation, who are all saying great things about us! (yes, we're blushing!)

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