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Solutions in cleaning.
Improving cleanliness standards.


MyCleaning, nothing gets missed with this easy-to-use and efficient reactive cleaning task management tool.

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Key Features

  • Easy-to-use standardised digital capture of reactive cleaning tasks

  • Full task information communicated, including time considerations

  • Facility to prioritise and call in additional resources, including rapid response teams

  • Task fully managed by on-screen prompts, including report-back. No breaks in the chain

  • Complete task planning and reporting make your job easier and the cleaning process complete

Domestic Supervisor

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Deputy Head of Facilities


Hotel Service Manager

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Watch Video

Watch Video

We developed MyCleaning with the input from people like you, like those who will be using the software, to ensure it does everything you need of it. From the functionality to the reports and everything in between, MyCleaning was created with you in mind.

We've built long-term partnerships with a vast number of Trusts across the nation, who are all saying great things about us! (yes, we're blushing!)

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