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Fay Lane, National Programme Manager Apprenticeships at NHS England

Explore the critical role of education, training and apprenticeships in the NHS. Fay shares her expertise in how to attract and develop talent to create sustainable career pathways and a skilled workforce. Click the button below to access important links.


Phil Shelley, Senior Operational Manager and National Lead for Net Zero Food at NHS England

Listen to the latest updates and insights about the upcoming standards. Phil Shelley, pioneer of the Portering Standards, will be sharing what you can expect and how you can join in to influence the contents of the standards. 


Simon Corben, Director and Head of Profession NHS Estates at NHS England, and Dame Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer

Get the latest insight on the new standards and updates shaping the NHS Estates and Facilities with a heartfelt foreword by Dame Ruth May, emphasizing the indispensable contribution of E&F teams who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support our clinical teams.


Delia Cannings, Executive Director at Environmental Excellence Training & Development Ltd

Delia joins GV Healthcare to discuss the importance of healthcare cleaners and advocating for training and skill advancement programmes to help encourage the younger generation to view healthcare cleaning as a career pathway.


Update On National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness

Emma Brookes, Head of Soft FM Strategy and Operations at NHS England

Emma highlights the crucial importance of healthcare cleaners and auditors within the NHS. Sharing the latest developments within the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness and the plans for the future to ensure high standards of cleanliness and patient safety..  

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