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AI in Healthcare: A Lesson From Booths Supermarket

GV Healthcare's Vision for AI that Enhances, Not Replaces

using ai in healthcare
AI in healthcare

In the realm of advancing technology, AI undoubtedly stands as a powerful force for progress. At GV Healthcare, we recognise its potential to revolutionise efficiency in medical care. However, our commitment lies in a direction that prioritises the enhancement of human ability, not its substitution.

Recent events, like the one you may have seen “doing the rounds” on Linkedin of Booths supermarket's U-turn on people-operated service tills, underscore a fundamental truth – people crave humanised, social interactions. Nowhere is this more crucial than in moments of vulnerability, such as those we face in the realm of healthcare.

As we navigate the integration of AI into our hospitals, it's not just about optimising patient journeys. It's about safeguarding the emotional nuances that define our humanity. Consider "Dave," the hospital porter, nursing a minor back injury. Would an AI system instinctively know to assign a task that doesn't strain his back? We argue that the personal touch, the knowledge possessed by someone like "Janice" on a helpdesk who understands Dave's capabilities and limitations, is irreplaceable.

Physical competence is only part of the equation; emotional intelligence is equally vital. Picture a porter grieving the loss of a loved one to cancer. Would an AI system hesitate before assigning them a task related to transporting a deceased patient with a similar diagnosis? These are the complexities that make a strong case for healthcare software and AI designed to enhance human ability, not override it.

At GV Healthcare, we champion a future where technology complements our humanity, where AI in healthcare empowers rather than supplants, ensuring that the warmth of a smile or a friendly word is never lost in the pursuit of progress.

Join us in shaping a healthcare landscape where innovation uplifts, not replaces, the essence of compassionate care. Get in touch by emailing or calling 01482 772536.


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