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Navigating Healthcare Transformation with GV Healthcare - Diagnostics


In the intricate tapestry of healthcare, the quest for excellence continues to redefine patient care. As we venture into the realm of diagnostics, a critical aspect of the National NHS objectives for 2023/24 comes to the forefront. The strategic collaboration between porters and radiology departments emerges as a catalyst for achieving the NHS vision of enhanced patient care, efficient processes, and expedited diagnostics. At GV Healthcare, we're committed to unravelling the role of effective portering in diagnostics, illuminating its potential to revolutionise the healthcare landscape.

NHS 2023/24 Objectives for Diagnostics

The year 2023/24 sets the stage for a transformative journey within diagnostics. Key objectives include:

Increasing the percentage of patients receiving a diagnostic test within six weeks in alignment with the 2025 ambition of 95%.

Delivering diagnostic activity levels that address elective and cancer backlogs, in line with the diagnostic waiting time ambition.

Enhancing Collaboration: Porters and Radiology

The collaboration between porters and radiology departments takes centre stage in achieving these objectives. By fostering a symbiotic relationship between these critical components of patient care, hospitals can unlock a multitude of benefits:

1. Increasing Table Time

Efficient collaboration can significantly increase the precious table time available for diagnostic procedures. Ensuring swift and timely transfers of patients between various departments optimises the utilisation of diagnostic equipment.

2. Timely Patient Arrival

Collaboration ensures that patients arrive on time for their appointments, minimising delays and streamlining the diagnostic process. This punctuality directly contributes to overall patient experience and efficient resource utilisation.

3. Seamless Patient Movement

Effective collaboration guarantees that patients are moved between departments in a seamless and coordinated manner. This not only reduces patient anxiety but also enhances overall workflow efficiency.

4. Prepared Patient Arrival

Close collaboration between porters and radiology ensures that patients arrive prepared for their diagnostics. From wearing gowns to having contrast and cannulas in place, this proactive approach expedites the diagnostic process.

5. Avoiding Missed Slots

Collaboration allows for the identification and highlighting of potential delays to the diagnostics team. This proactive communication prevents missed slots and ensures efficient resource allocation.

6. Reducing Hospital Stay

By preventing delays and ensuring that scans are conducted as scheduled, collaboration contributes to reducing the time patients spend in the hospital. This aligns with the overarching NHS objective of enhancing patient flow.

Evidence from the Field

Northampton General Hospital's Radiology Department serves as a shining example of the transformative power of collaboration. Following the digitalisation of their portering system, the hospital witnessed a remarkable increase in patient throughput. The integration of digital solutions encourages enhanced communication between portering and radiology teams, leading to better patient care. Paul Barritt, Security & Portering Manager, emphasised the adaptability of the system to match the unique dynamics of each Trust. The hospital observed an increase of about 10-12% in patient flow through the portering department's patient transfers.

At Sunderland Royal Hospital, MyPorter's impact was equally transformative. The visibility it provides has revolutionised operations. Amanda Pells, Plain Film Modality Lead in the Radiology department, highlighted the enhanced visibility of patients and porters in the system. This transparency ensures that patients are allocated to porters promptly, avoiding delays and improving overall patient flow.

A Glimpse into the Future

The collaboration between porters and radiology departments marks a significant stride towards achieving NHS objectives. By leveraging technology and fostering teamwork, hospitals can navigate the complexities of diagnostics with finesse. As digitalisation paves the way for seamless coordination, porters and radiology teams are poised to redefine patient care, enhance efficiency, and contribute to the NHS vision of a transformed healthcare landscape.

In conclusion, our journey through the impact of effective portering on NHS 2023/24 objectives sheds light on the monumental shifts that are possible within healthcare. By recognising the intrinsic link between portering and patient care, we lay the foundation for a healthcare ecosystem that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication to enhancing patient outcomes.

To see how we can support your Trust in navigating healthcare transformation, email or call 01482 772536.


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